Troop History

Established in 1959, Troop 4045 is a member of the Mohawk District within BSA’s Twin Rivers Council. We have proudly represented our charter organization, Shenendehowa United Methodist Church since its founding.

Scouting provides our youth with the opportunity to develop leadership skills while having great outdoor fun. Troop 45 has provided these opportunities to hundreds of youths in the Clifton Park area over the years, and we are extremely proud of our 122 Eagle Scouts.

List of Troop 4045 Eagle Scouts

1Edward Fink8/14/66
2Bradley Stanton8/30/68
3Douglas Pollock9/16/68
4William A. Fronk11/5/68
5W. Curtis Nieckarz11/5/68
6Paul Goody11/5/68
7Edward Nieckarz2/2/69
8Carl Gimbrone2/23/71
9Chris Gimbrone2/23/71
10Mark Lounello11/23/71
11John Cunningham4/3/73
12Ronald Pettis6/73
13David Wilming8/73
14John Pollock11/73
15John M. Pettis12/73
16Donald T. Cardin1/15/74
17Bruce C. Goody1/15/74
18Jeffrey L. Colton1/22/74
19Gregory J. Taylor1/22/74
20Bruce Smith6/74
21Douglas W. Gray1/6/76
22David A. Pettis10/21/76
23Mark L. Borland11/30/76
24Jerry J. Cunningham2/10/77
25Jack Small6/27/77
26Jody Paige4/12/78
27Dave Bailey11/13/78
28Dave Cutliffe11/13/78
29Chris Thomas11/13/78
30Dave Deering3/21/79
31Kevin Bone3/21/79
32Karl Nystrom3/21/79
33Peter Scolamiero10/1/80
34Paul Miller10/1/80
35Mark Szumowski2/25/81
36Michael Clark6/30/81
37Andrew Riebel6/30/81
38Robert A. Comins3/15/82
39Allen T. Bailey4/12/82
40Scott T. Riebel5/12/83
41David Silberstein7/27/83
42Daniel McDonald11/10/83
43David Clark12/11/85
44Scott D. Stone12/11/85
45Darryl V. Bullock2/26/86
46Thomas Chambers2/26/86
47S. Scott Moore7/24/86
48Eric Kohler6/6/89
49Andrew Eyer5/9/90
50Michael Gelvin6/4/90
51David Lundgren7/20/90
52Jonathan T. Fox10/9/91
53James M. Riebel11/4/91
54Edward J. McCormick11/4/91
55Ross Miller6/4/92
56Carl Westphal1/26/94
57David J. Campbell1/14/96
58Daniel R. Gelvin12/12/96
59Jason W. Gray12/12/96
60Brian P. DiPalma12/30/96
61Andrew Bacon12/19/98
62Andrew G. Merwin2/4/99
63Andrew A. Hedeen3/30/99
64Patrick M. Sweeney3/30/99
65Michael W. Purcell4/7/99
66Benjamin T. Hodder8/19/99
67Matthew Karpovich9/16/99
68Kyle L. Houser5/14/00
69Edward L. Lau10/16/00
70Matthew Lahoff6/25/01
71Michael Karpovich11/14/01
72Ted Cangero3/12/03
73Chad Houser3/14/03
74Robert Fitzgerald6/11/03
75Michael T. Labelle12/1/03
76David R. Post12/1/03
77Robert A. Cully4/27/05
78David J. Wollyung4/27/05
79Nathan L. Bruschi9/25/05
80Adam R. Croteau10/25/05
81Paul L. Croteau1/10/06
82Daniel P. Scuderi3/16/06
83Christian S. Silvia6/27/06
84Michael McGarvey12/15/08
85Addison Schmidt12/18/08
86Sean Duffy12/22/08
87Christopher Getman8/5/09
88Tyler Kimmey1/5/10
89Nathan Elacqua3/8/10
90Conor Murphy5/11/10
91Jason Fronk3/24/11
92Curtis Boynton3/28/11
93Thomas Vierling4/12/11
94Andrew Plewinski4/25/11
95Timothy Brousseau5/24/11
96Joshua Elacqua10/25/11
97Justin Russell11/14/11
98Christopher J. Purcell12/26/12
99J. Chandler Moore1/10/13
100Benjamin Pennell11/25/13
101Eric Burdge9/9/14
102Pierre Fabris2/17/15
103Joseph B. Moore2/17/15
104Jaret Blinstrub2/24/15
105Michael Jandrisevits7/27/15
106Zachary Dahoda9/14/15
107Douglas Connell11/3/15
108Christopher Bell12/10/15
109Abraham Frangie12/10/15
110Andrew Richardson8/2/16
111Joshua M. Lacey1/19/17
112Patrick C. Ryan Jr.1/19/17
113Keegan C. Skinner11/29/17
114Jacob C. Dahoda5/8/18
115Michael M. Catanzaro1/19/19
116Jakob P. Quail2/27/19
117Joseph E. Quinn4/17/19
118J. Ryan McGoldrick3/9/20
119Joseph Thayer3/9/20
120Christopher Stawarz9/21/20
121Maximilian Sczcesny10/13/20
122Alexander Fabris10/15/20

List of Recent Troop 4045 Scoutmasters

1999William Karpovich30
2000William Karpovich38
2001William Karpovich43
2002Glenn Linneman47
2003Glenn Linneman57
2004Glenn Linneman59
2005David Croteau58
2006David Croteau49
2007David Getman49
2008Gregory Stevenson49
2009Wayne Burdge49
2010Wayne Burdge36
2011Wayne Burdge41
2012Wayne Burdge34
2013Daniel Lacey39
2014Daniel Lacey36
2015Daniel Lacey33
2016Daniel Lacey28
2017Daniel Lacey28
2018Daniele Fabris27
2019Daniele Fabris25
2020Matthew Baker40
2021Matthew Baker30