Troop 4045 Calendar (Events List Below)

*Open PDF List of all 2020-2021 Events*

Upcoming Events

Saturday, June 5, 10am-3pm: Shen Scouts Fun Day, Jonesville Fire Station

The Shen school district Scout groups are getting together for an afternoon of fun as a cub/scout recruiting event. We’ll have a fun event to show off some of the stuff we do in scouts. We need scouts to come and represent our troop! Sign up here!

Saturday, June 11-13: New Scout Campout/Historic Trails Campout, Saratoga National Historic Park

As scouts we get special access to a hidden campsite at Saratoga Battlefield. This is our dedicated campout to get the new scouts together for a campout and hike. We will also be completing a trivia scavenger hunt based on the history of the battlefield and completing a service project. All participants will earn their Historic Trails Award and Historic Trails Medal! We did this a couple years ago and had a great time. Sign up ASAP!

July 11-17: Summer Camp!

Go to the troop summer camp info page for more info