Merit Badge Opportunities

Updated 11/2/20

If you would to begin working on a merit badge, first check out the requirements for the badge at the link on this page. Once you are sure you are ready to work on the badge, acquire the merit badge book either digitally or in hard copy. Then contact Mr. Baker and he will provide you with a Merit Badge Counselor who will work with you to complete the badge at your own pace.

Merit Badge Requirements

You can find the list of all badge requirements here.

Merit Badge Books

Digital Versions

You will find a link to scanned version of the merit badge books here. Note that some may not be the latest version. Be sure to check the official Requirements pages for each badge here to make sure you use the current version.

Hard Copy Versions

Books can be purchased from online stores or at the BSA Scout Shop in Albany. We also have many books available to borrow from our library at the church. Check out the list here. Speak with Tyler M. (Troop Librarian) if you have any questions.